• Step 1 -Discovery renovation: appointment to meet MV & client

    Understand the client's wishes, explain the renovation process and how the Magnus Villas construction company works. Translation of the first recommendations

  • Step 2 - Study renovation available

    Possible consultation with the municipality/city + synthesis of the project before implementation.

  • Step 3 - First meeting with the architect

    This architect is familiar with renovations. For some constructions, the intervention of an architect is not required (no planning permission or no works that affect stability).

  • Step 4 - Result orientation of the architect

    The architect or interior designer creates a plan based on your needs, taking into account the functionality, the trajectory lines and the intended visual result.

  • Step 5 - Design phase with plan optimization

    You often receive other information, which we translate into new projects.

  • Step 6 - Discussion of the construction file with the municipality

    We will then send you the comments of the municipality or city and, if necessary, adjust the project.

  • Step 7 - Detailed assessment of the offer

  • Step 8 - Study agreement with the client and Magnus Villas, including the launch of EPB, ventilation and stability studies.

    The municipality already knows what is being prepared (see point 6).

  • Step 9 - Building contract

    Our internal engineering office prepares the project. He has already gone through the implementation details regarding possible improvements, but the file is being discussed in detail with the project manager.

  • Step 10 - Building contract

  • Step 11 - Start of work: the project manager sets times for site meetings.

  • Step 12 - Provisional Acceptance

  • Step 13 - Pleasure to live

  • Step 14 - Final delivery: 1 year after provisional delivery

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